Thursday, November 12, 2009

Affenpinscher (Affen)

Breed Origins : Germany ( 1600s )

Breed Usage : Hunting small vermin( Fleas, Rats or mice)and as a lapdog

Height : 25-38 cm ( 10 - 15 inches)

Weight : 3- 3.36 kg ( 7 - 9 pounds)

Lifetime : About 10 to 14 years

Litter size : 1- 3 puppies

Coat : Shaggy and wiry
Under Coat : Slightly curly
Colours : Usually black or dark gray(grey), can be tan , lighter gray(grey) , silver or red.
Head : Round with a pronounced stop
Eyes : Prominent and round
Ears : Hairy, customarily docked , pointed and erect.
Neck : Short and Arched
Limbs : Straight and well boned
Tail : Carry high and dock to two-thirds its length
Body : Square shaped

The Affenpinscher is believe originated from Germany and the name Affenpinscher translated from Germany is " Monkey terrier". But in France, this dogs is known as "Diablotin Moustachu". It means the " Moustached Little Devil " or the "Monkey dog" because it produces a monkey-like facial structure and expression.The Affenpinscher has been Classified as one of the Toy Dog Group or the Terrier group. The American Kennel Club has admitted the Affenpinscher in the 1936.

Living Condition
The Affenpinscher is suitable for apartment life. They are very active indoors and can do well without a yard. The Affenpinscher is sensitive to temperature extremes. Overly warm living conditions will damage their coat.


The Affenpinscher needs a daily walk. While out on the walk, this dogs must made heel beside or behind the person who are holding the lead because in the dog's mind , the leader leads the way and the leader needs to be a human. The Affenpinscher needs a lot of play and care for their exercise. Dogs don't have the chances to go on their daily walks will more likely display their behaviour problems. They will also enjoy a good romp in a safe open yard area, such as large yard with fences. teach them to enter or exit after the humans.

Health Problems
Prone to fractures, slipped stifle and patent ductus arteriosus ( PDA ) open fontanel and respiratory problems in hot weather.